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Bendigo South East College Theatre, Ellis Street, Bendigo

Music Coordinator
David Hague
0457 183 589


Dance Coordinator
Fay Thomas
(03) 5444 5733

Phone Number for contact at the Eisteddfod Venue on days of competition
(Bendigo SE College Theatre)

0457 183 589


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Discipline Dates Venue
Piano Competition Saturday Sat 14th May 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Primary Schools Instrumental, Fri 20th May 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Stringed Instruments Sat 21st May 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
VCE Music Sun 22nd May 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Secondary College Instrumental Fri 27th May 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Secondary College Instrumental Sat 28th May 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
VBL, Brass Bands  all Grades Sun 29th May 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Instrumental  ( inc Concerto ) Sat 4th June 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Classical Vocal Sun 5th June 2016. Bendigo South East Secondary College.
School Choirs Fri 10th June 2016 Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo South
Modern Vocal Sat 11th, Sun 12th & Mon 13th June 2016 Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Speech & Drama. Sat 18th June 2016. Bendigo South East Secondary College.
Music Championship. Fri 24th June 2016 Bendigo Bank Theatre, The Capital
Dance. Sat 25th June-Fri 9th July. Bendigo South East Secondary College.
(Note Sun 3rd July will be held at the Capital Theatre.)

Entries Now Open for Music, Brass, Chassical and Theatrical dance sections.

All sections of Bendigo Competitions are now open for entries.
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A Place to Call Home.

You might like to know that our negotiation with Council has been successful and we now have our own “Office” known as “the Mews” at the rear of Bendigo Tourist Office. We are currently setting the office up and there will be a opportunity for everyone to visit in the near future.


Wrap up of 2015 Events before Heading toward our 91st Annual Eisteddfod.

2015 Annual General Meeting

The association’s Annual General Meeting was held on the 13th of October at which the following appointments were made. Pres & Dance co-ord Fay Thomas; V.Pres Jan King; Secretary Phill Spark; Treasurer & Music Co-ord David Hague; Trophy Co-ord Ray Butler, committee Vashti Lamaro, Kelsi Nelson, Margo Hague. In the Annual report, Fay Thomas highlighted the special events which were held in the Capital Venues for the first time this year. The School Choirs were held in the new Ulumbarra Theatre; The Leila Watson Music Championship was held in the Bendigo bank Theatre and the Dance Stage Spectacular, Cabaret Entertainer, Contemposrary Duo and Song & Tap troupe- were staged in the Capital Theatre. These Events were considered to be successful and we intend to continue these into the future.

We were pleased to have the support of our fabulous sponsors who again assisted us financially to present the Eisteddfod and we were pleased to be able to acknowledge them in our Programmes.

We were thrilled to welcome some new Volunteers to join with our “Old Stagers” this year. We realise that we need to attract more Volunteers, especially to help us present the Dance Competition which has grown to take in the whole School Holidays with 3 sessions each day often finishing around 10pm. We realise that the school holidays are still workdays for many of our supporters but if anyone could assist us on the weekend or evenings that would be great. Or maybe you might know someone who would be willing to give us a few hours of their precious time to ensure we don’t continue to overwork the present crew.

We appreciate the hard work put in by local music and dance teachers who not only do an excellent job developing the talent of our young people but also encourage then to enter the Eisteddfod and then support them with their on Stage Performances. We know that the encouragement and organization the Teachers give to Students is what makes our Eisteddfod the success it is and we trust will continue.

The Competitors are in the end what an Eisteddfod is all about. Competitors have again impressed us throughout the 90th Annual Eisteddfod. Our professional Adjudicators often remark upon the high standard of performances. We would like to also recognise the high level of personal presentation and behavior that our young competitors display. Whether performing in a school group such as Choirs, Bands, and Dance Troop or as individuals we are always extremely pleased with the way they conduct themselves and the support they show to other competitors. Parents, Teachers and Schools can be justly proud of them all. They certainly contradict the poor reputation often directed at the youth of today!

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